Monday, April 10, 2023

Third party Marvel Legends-scale Ghost Rider's Hell Charger up for preorder

Last year, Hasbro failed to obtain Kickstarter-style finding for its Haslab Hell Charger. Ramen Toys has stepped in to produce this, now up for preorder at the BBTS:
Introducing Ramen Toy's 1/12 scale model vehicle in grapite black with a highly detailed semi-gloss body. This model includes several interactive features such as an opening hood with engine details, compartment details, and opening doors with detailed interior. The seats can be positioned while the steering wheel can also move alongside the gear shift being togglable. There are also light-up functions located in several parts of the vehicle like the headlights and to add on to all of the already mentioned, the car can also replicate real engine sounds!

Many of the components of the model can be removed, including the hood, front grille, tail light section, and wheel rims. The car has been designed to potentially seat up to four 4 x 6 inch action figures. 

Pair this 1/12 scale model with Ramen Toy's additional accessory packs that are compatible with this product, the Interchange pack and the Inferno pack (both sold separately), to add even more incredible detail to this already impressive piece!