Friday, March 11, 2016

Link roundup

1. "A mystery investor [in Turkey] who first appeared a year and a half ago with $450 million of bets on a single day, almost double the market average, is now executing major transactions with increasing frequency, scaring away competitors who can’t figure out when he or she will strike next, traders and bankers said."

2. The misadventures of the Russian fleet destroyed by Japan:

They slowly make their way around Africa, fighting off several more "torpedo boats" and picking up a variety of exotic pets like crocodiles and snakes that now roam the ships. Their refrigerated ship fails and they have to dump large quantities of rotten meat, causing a swarm of sharks to follow them around.

They had a long stopover in Madagascar. During a funeral for a crewmember who died of illness, a live shell was mistakenly used in the gunnery salute, hitting the cruiser Aurora.
3. Clash Royale is really good.