Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Link roundup

1. "Antarctic seabirds called skuas" "Learn to Recognize Humans They Hate"

As the weeks went on, skuas attacked from greater distances. But they didn’t attack just anybody. All seven of the nesting pairs directed their attacks at the known intruder. The birds “reacted very aggressively” after five visits, the authors write, including kicking intruders in the head. They ignored the neutral humans.

Even though the researcher pairs wore identical clothing for their experiments, the skuas had no trouble spotting people who had fiddled with their nests in the past. The researchers don’t think the birds were using smell to tell them apart, since the site is windy. More likely, the birds relied on human facial features and body postures.
2. "The Los Feliz Murder House Is For Sale For The First Time In Over 50 Years"

3. AMA with the #1 Clash Royale player.  (And a sample battle.)

4. Plush Joker Fish available for preorder.