Friday, September 21, 2018

"Controversy Rocks Yale Law School"

Doug Kysar, deputy dean of Yale Law School, told students on Thursday that he’d known of Kozinski’s behavior since 1998.

“We all inferred he meant that he knew about sexual harassment,” McCarthy said.

Kysar later clarified in an email to students that he actually didn’t learn of the sexual misconduct allegations until recently, and was only aware that Kozinski seemed “like an asshole” from the time Kysar himself was a law student decades ago.


Yale Law School’s culture was thrust into the spotlight this week when HuffPost and subsequently The Guardian reported that two well-known law professors told students seeking clerkships with Kavanaugh that he liked female clerks with a “certain look.”


Gallingly, Kysar asked students to take a moment to reflect on how much progress Yale has made since 2004, when “it was routine and commonplace” for the career services center to instruct students to wear short skirts for clerkship interviews, recalled a student who attended the event. “We all know that’s now a bad thing,” Kysar said, according to students who attended.