Wednesday, September 19, 2018

"Dorothy Woolfolk and the invention of kryptonite"

During Woolfolk's brief, seven-issue run as editor of Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane, Lois began to fully support feminism


Although Woolfolk was gone, the backlash against her took some time to die off. The letters pages dealing with Lois' feminism were fielded by an unknown writer calling himself Alexander the Great, and his responses are so aggressive towards women that they're honestly quite difficult to read, particularly through a modern lens.


Jarringly, the editor that replaced Dorothy Woolfolk on Wonder Woman before she even began, Robert Kanigher, immediately murdered an analogue of her on panel. “Dottie Cottonwood, woman editor” is shot by a sniper and immediately killed in one of the most unquestionably tasteless scenes ever to appear in a comic, which is definitely saying something.