Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Ten funny tweets

That’s me standing on top of a taxi cab! This pic is from the Audi commercial shoot and a scene that didn’t make it into the cut. Some fun facts: I climbed up onto the roof of that taxi while holding that heavy box, AND wearing high heels, dozens and dozens of times during one of the shoot days. I was complimented all day about how badass I looked while doing it (awesome), but the voice in my head every single time I did it was, “Please don’t die.” (For real.) I’m wearing pants one size too big the entire commercial to accomplish said stunt. The stunt man in the lower corner of this picture played the bear in The Revenant. True story. This commercial shoot was one of my favorite work experiences in recent memory. I absolutely adored this crew, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to play Anna in such an epic and fun commercial. On top of the professional experience, it’s fun when your work is so visible that it connects you to friends near and far, and some from long, long ago. What a lovely gift. Thank you to everyone who reached out with kind words. Your support is so appreciated. I think this commercial’s run is over (for now) so if I am wrong and you see it, let me know! . . . #audi #promoteyourself #commercial #taxicab #fbf #bts #commercialactress #tvactress #filmactress #actorlife #jennikolaisen #wearingheelshouldbeconsideredstuntwork
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