Friday, September 28, 2018

"Insider Trading’s Odd Couple: The Goldman Banker and the NFL Linebacker"

His Harvard classmates picked him to speak during their 2013 commencement ceremonies. Onstage, a friend introduced him as a rags-to-riches leader and future banker—and a guy who didn’t warn everyone when his pet [] was loose in the dorms for two weeks. “Don’t forget about us when you’re crashing world economies,” the friend said.


The next day, students were handed their diplomas; [he] didn’t get his. Several women had accused him of misconduct, including having sex with a student who was incapacitated, according to a person who asked not to be named. [He] didn’t face charges and denied claims of misconduct in a phone interview with Bloomberg Businessweek. He says university systems that decide these cases disproportionately punish black students. A school spokeswoman says he never graduated and wouldn’t comment further.

That didn’t stop him from starting a dream job at Goldman Sachs