Saturday, September 8, 2018

"India Hunts Man-Eating Tiger Blamed for 13 Deaths"

Forest rangers are now gearing up for a complex military-style operation to deploy sharpshooters with tranquilizer guns on the backs of half a dozen elephants to surround the tiger, capture her and send her to a zoo.

But the elephants have yet to arrive, held up by intense bureaucratic infighting among India’s myriad overlapping government agencies


The restrictions on the beef industry in many parts of India could be making the situation even more dangerous. India’s Hindu nationalist governing party, the B.J.P., has cracked down like no other Indian government on the slaughter of cows, an animal Hindus revere.

This has created enormous herds of mangy, unproductive, unwanted cattle that herders don’t dare to kill, either because of specific cow protection laws that vary state by state or because they are terrified of being lynched by Hindu extremists.