Friday, July 26, 2019

"A Virginia man woke up to learn [the fake presidential seal he created] had ended up onstage next to President Trump"

He said he came across his creation in a news article while he was scanning Reddit and drinking coffee, as one does.

In his spoof presidential seal, which he sold on merchandise online, Mr. Leazott, a graphic designer and video producer in Virginia, made a number of substitutions, some subtle and some not.


Mr. Leazott at first had asked that his last name not be used because he was receiving hateful messages, but it was hard to stay anonymous for long. “That decision was pretty much made for me,” he said.
His AMA.

Trump’s Favorite Meme-Maker Adopted A Fake Name To Go On Trump’s Favorite TV Network


BuzzFeed News is not revealing Donktum’s name, at his request. In his offline life, he describes himself as a stay-at-home dad in Kansas and appears to have no direct connection to politics.