Saturday, July 20, 2019

"Sierra La Verne Country Club is closing Sunday, here’s what the city is doing in response"

Daily Bulletin:

“We can’t require them to continue to irrigate everything, but there are certain things that we can do under our current code,” Eric Scherer, La Verne’s community development director, said. “There is enough language in our code that we feel we can make sure it can be relatively kept up and kept clean.”


The 1,600 feet of fencing installed without the proper permits remains an issue, Scherer said, and the City Attorney’s Office is working on getting it removed.


The site cannot be sold to a residential developer because the land is currently designated “open space” under the city’s general plan, its blueprint for development, Scherer said. The designation prohibits any development on the property.


“I can guarantee you at this point in time, I’ll go to my grave saying, ‘No development up there,’” Mayor Don Kendrick said.