Wednesday, July 31, 2019

"Inside Instagram’s annual beach party"

By Taylor Lorenz for Atlantic:
The occasion was "Instabeach," an exclusive, invite-only annual party hosted by the photo-sharing platform for 500 hundred top creators along with plus ones, talent representatives, managers, and—for the first time—press. The goal, according to Justin Antony, Instagram's head of creators and emerging talent partnerships, is to help influencers meet each other, mingle, and form friendships. But what started three years ago as a casual beach party for a class of people that was once maligned by the traditional entertainment industry has become a who's who of young Hollywood


Among them: The cooler, older, more well-known influencers, who had mostly come to put in face time with Instagram execs. Then there were the Instagram comedians, who huddled in circles roasting each other and anyone who came by. There were the dancers—spottable by their sneakers and propensity for casual backflips—and the hypebeasts, who arrived clad in Louis Vuitton and obscure streetwear. The self-proclaimed "Brat pack" consisted of about seven boys and a couple girls, all of whom star in shows on Brat
In other news, Gladstones is apparently proving to be immortal.

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