Monday, August 12, 2019

"He got 2 million people to say they’d storm Area 51. Now he’s planning an alien festival"

With just over a month left to plan and some residents reportedly less than thrilled about the attention, the organizers are focused on the logistics of bringing thousands to a town of 54 people, as counted in the last Census. They’re fending off suggestions they could be planning the next Fyre Festival


an Arkansas college student and one of the organizers of the festival, told The Post he’s expecting 5,000 to 30,000 people to show up for Alien Stock, which Daily said he pitched to Storm Area 51 creator Mathew Roberts last month. The 20-year-old said it’s hard to share precise interest numbers because they just started publicizing.

But any total in the thousands will pose logistical challenges in a place as small and rural as Rachel. A prominent notice on the town’s website warns festivalgoers of the limited infrastructure. “There is no gas and no store. … We expect cell service and the Internet to be offline,” the note reads. “Credit card [processing] will not work, so bring enough cash.”

Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee said his office is working with local, state and federal law enforcement to prepare for a “very large but unknown number of visitors.”