Thursday, January 2, 2020

I never noticed that Thulsa Doom's goon uses a three-headed axe; my custom warpaint Conan Heroclix

Super 7 posted new promotional videos for its upcoming figures Thulsa Doom, Thogrim and Rexor. I never appreciated that Rexor uses a three-headed axe:

It also never occurred to me until now that the helmets of the World Eaters from Warhammer 40K are quite possibly inspired by Thulsa Doom's cult.

These, along with gladiator Conan are available for preorder. (Super 7's He-Man with robot head is my pick for best toy of 2019.)

And speaking of Conan, I realized that underneath the cheap paintjob, the Heroclix Skaar (a child Hulk had during his days as a gladiator) is a terrific sculpt of Conan. Before my repaint it basically looked like this:

And after my humble paintjob (I don't think the photos even do justice to how good the Arnold likeness is in the tiny miniature):