Saturday, May 28, 2022

A baseball player attacked another player on the field over a fantasy football dispute, and also bragged about how much he gambled


While the Giants warmed up in the outfield, Pham confronted Pederson and smacked him in the cheek before the pair was separated.

"It was a surprise," Pederson told reporters. "There was no real argument. He kind of came up and said, 'Like, I don't know if you remember from last year.' And I was like, 'Fantasy football.' He was like, 'Yeah.'"


Pham threatened violence to settle an on-field score with San Diego's Luke Voit in April, challenging the slugger to a fight after Voit injured Reds catcher Tyler Stephenson with a hard, ugly slide into home.

SF Chronicle:

Regarding the fantasy league, Pham said Pederson broke “a code.”

“I’m a big dog in Vegas. I’m a high-roller at many casinos. You can look at my credit line. We were playing big money,” Pham said. “I don’t have to get into the details of how much, but I look at it like if you lost, you had to pay double. If you came in last place, you had to pay double. So I looked at it like he was f—ing with my money along with the disrespect.”

Mercury News:

Pederson and Pham exchanged those texts last September. A few weeks later, Pham dropped out the league. And on Friday, he confronted Pederson in the outfield and slapped him across the face.

TMZ (2021)

Tommy Pham is finally revealing what his back looked like the night he was stabbed at a strip club in San Diego ... and it's GRUESOME.


As we previously reported, Pham was stabbed after he got into an altercation with several people in the parking lot at Pacers Showgirls International on Oct. 11, 2020

AP (2021):

Pham said his perspective hasn’t changed since the stabbing.

“I still look at everything almost the same. If anything, I probably would just spend more money and stop saving as much, because if I died I would feel like I had too much money in the bank and I didn’t live enough.”