Tuesday, May 24, 2022

At least six female swimmers at Cal allegedly "made plans to kill themselves or obsessed about suicide" because of the head coach's behavior


She is the most well known and most successful female coach in the sport’s history. [She] was the first and only woman head coach of the U.S. Olympic team, leading a squad that included six future, current or former Cal swimmers who earned a combined 13 medals at the London Games. 


Cal swimmers told [the coach a team member contemplated killing herself] and the coach confronted [the swimmer] the next morning at practice, pulling her out the pool.

“Did you try and kill yourself last night?” [the coach] asked her... 

“Yeah,” [the swimmer] responded. “I don’t want to live.

“[Coach] literally laughed in my face and said, ‘Do you know how pathetic that is? How stupid that is? How selfish that is?’”