Saturday, May 28, 2022

Two scandals related to a Southern California councilman

NBC (today):

A civil court judge Friday found that four illegal votes were cast for [a] Councilman ... in the June 2021 municipal election in Compton that he won with a single vote, and a court filing said that [his] opponent in the race for Compton's Second Council District was, in fact, the true winner.


[He] was already facing criminal charges of conspiracy to commit election fraud and one count of bribery with the intent to influence an election for alleged events surrounding the same 2021 election.

NBC (yesterday):

The son of noted LA rapper DJ Quik who works as a liaison to [that same] embattled Compton City Councilman ... has been arrested by Downey Police Department detectives and booked on suspicion of murder, authorities confirmed Friday.