Tuesday, May 17, 2022

"Masked suspects used chainsaw to break into gaming machines at a [Virginia] 7-Eleven"

Virginia Pilot:

Two masked suspects entered the 7-Eleven with a chainsaw and went “immediately” to the Queen of Virginia gaming machines at the front of the store, the sheriff’s office said in a statement issued Tuesday. The suspects used the chainsaw to cut open a section of two machines, stealing an undisclosed amount of cash before fleeing the store on a motorcycle.


one individual was wearing a yellow Dayglow sweatshirt and a chrome German-style helmet

From a few years ago:

They look like slot machines. Symbols spin around the screen like slot machines. And when everything lines up just right, they pay out $1,000-plus jackpots like slot machines.

But the manufacturers of these games – thousands of which have popped up in bars and convenience stores around Virginia despite a strict prohibition on most kinds of gambling – insist they are not, in fact, slot machines.


The industry prefers the term “skill games.”