Thursday, May 5, 2022

Vettel's flooded Miami tee; Fake water and sand at the "marina"; The time Verstappen's dad abandoned him after a poor performance

Back in the paddock, Jos was already packing the awning into the Verstappens' van. Max can still recall Jos's exact response when he asked his father to help bring the kart back from the track.

"You can pick up the go-kart, I don't care," Jos said. "I'm not helping you."
"Of course, when we sat in the van, I wanted to talk to my dad about the incident", Verstappen says. "My dad said, 'Stop talking, I don't want to hear anything, just sit in the back, I don't want to hear anything about it'.

"But of course, I kept on trying to have a conversation until at one point he pulled off at a fuel station and said: 'Get out. Get out and I do not want to hear you anymore'.

"So he kicked me out and he drove off ... and this is in the south of Italy."


"We were about to drive off and then my dad returned with the van and was like: 'Get in, but I do not want to hear a word'. Because my dad was with his at-the-time girlfriend, for sure she talked to him and said 'you cannot do that'.

"The whole trip home, which was 17 hours or something, we didn't talk. And then when we got home, I think he didn't talk to me for a full week.