Friday, October 7, 2022

Augmented reality dining

A review from when this was in LA:
At a little over the expected two-hour mark, I left the Ritz-Carlton satisfied, if not gastronomically wowed, with the same sort of starry-eyed exuberance one feels after leaving a good movie at the theater. It might be easy to deride the obviously made-for-social aspects of Le Petit Chef from the outside, but the concept’s unique, experimental animation and whimsical, interactive storyline—each diner leaves with a "certification of completion"—left me simultaneously delighted and impressed by the combination viewing-dining experience. Not every dinner, even for a literal food and drink editor, needs to actually taste amazing to be memorable, and a meal at Le Petit Chef is unequivocally that.

While I wouldn’t recommend Le Petit Chef for hardcore "food people," the power of managed (or low) expectations remains unparalleled, and those who have the disposable income and the desire to check the Downtown dinner series out will find themselves truly, deeply entertained by what amounts to a form of cutting-edge dinner theater.