Monday, October 24, 2022

These "Bite Size Shorts" horror movies to promote Skittles and other candies are great

20 minutes of roughly two-minute horror tales. The mini-movies don't even hint at the candies, but I assume they included bumpers when they aired on television:
To break through the over saturation of all of the candy brands in October, we disrupted the traditional commercial block with four adrenaline-raising two-minute horror films. The films debuted in marquee programs on FOX like American Horror Story and The MLB playoffs.
The Mars films, Skittles’ “Floor 9.5”, M & Ms’ “The Road”, Starburst’s “The Replacement”, and Snicker’s “Live Bait” were created by up and coming horror directors. We created the brief for the filmmakers, curated the pitches, developed the scripts and produced the films.