Thursday, October 13, 2022

I really liked the writing in this article about Nathan Fielder's "The Rehearsal," Nick Drnaso's graphic novel "Acting Class," and the author's own experience in drama school

Alexandra Tanner published at Gawker:

Twice – once for a rehearsal and once for a final performance – I brought nail clippers to class so that I could cut my nails in front of my classmates as part of an assignment in which my only job was to cut my nails in front of the others as realistically as possible. One of the actors grew his fingernails very long, seemingly in service of the clipping exercise — but soon it was revealed to be a symptom of a mental break, and after an ambulance collected him from the building late one night following a bad rehearsal, he left school.

These days, when I cut my nails, I still sometimes wonder whether I’m doing it in a way that would seem real to someone watching me do it.