Sunday, October 16, 2022

"The United States has drafted a United Nations Security Council resolution that would support the deployment of a rapid action force to Haiti immediately"

CNN yesterday:

Conditions in Haiti appear to get worse by the day, with simultaneous health and security crises unfolding, including a cholera outbreak, shortages of food and fuel, widespread protests, and unchecked gang violence. The United Nations released a grim report on Friday accusing the country’s powerful gangs of using rape as a tool of intimidation and control.

On Sunday, UN Secretary General António Guterres called for support to the Haitian National Police, after the country had requested such outside help.

Port-au-Prince was the site of brutal gang battles this summer that saw whole neighborhoods set aflame

AP today:

The U.S. and Canada sent armored vehicles and other supplies to Haiti on Saturday to help police fight a powerful gang amid a pending request from the Haitian government for the immediate deployment of foreign troops.

A U.S. State Department statement said the equipment was bought by Haiti's government