Friday, October 21, 2022

Today's funny posts

The four apartments "will forever change the fabric" of the neighborhood

"The note stung employees on the company’s people team, who have struggled to increase morale since the email marketing firm sold to Intuit for $12 billion last year. The deal made founders Chestnut and Kurzius two of the richest men in America. But it left many employees feeling shortchanged: Mailchimp, which was founded in 2001, had never taken on outside funding, and employees never got equity."

NYTimes in 2015: "Recent positive drug tests by two cyclists suggest there is a new, cutting-edge substance making its way to athletes looking for performance-enhancement: FG-4592, an experimental drug that increases production of red blood cells but has not yet been approved for human consumption."

I'm still on episode 4, and absolutely delighted that Skarsgard has a Toby Esterhase-esque cover story. (The first conversation between Skarsgard and Luna in episode 3 is probably my favorite scene in anything this year. I've replayed it like it's my new favorite song)

The Berkeley/Cal Identity Task Force will investigate options

To my regret, I don't remember ever seeing an ad for this in Los Angeles

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