Thursday, October 27, 2022

Today's funny posts

Yeah, they're real.

Wikipedia: As Pliny's vessel approached the shore near Herculaneum, cinders and pumice began to fall on it. The helmsman advised turning back, to which Pliny replied, "Fortune favours the bold; steer to where Pomponianus is." Upon reaching Stabiae, they found Senator Pomponianus, but the same winds that brought them there prevented them from leaving. The group waited for the wind to abate, but they decided to leave later that evening for fear their houses would collapse. The group fled when a plume of hot toxic gases engulfed them. Pliny, a corpulent man who suffered from a chronic respiratory condition, possibly asthma, died from asphyxiation caused by the toxic gases, and was left behind.

"The dome ceiling contained thousands of semi-transparent Lucite panes. Players soon complained that glare from the panes made it hard for them to track fly balls; to solve the problem, two sections of panes were painted white in April. Unfortunately, within a few months the grass died from lack of sunlight. For most of the 1965 season, the Astros played on green-painted dirt and dead grass. Even before then, the grass tended to hold, then release moisture. The resulting condensation often forced games to be delayed while the grounds crews cleaned up the playing surface."

(Listen, one of those tweets is made up. Probably.)

@alexojeda VR + water slide! 🀯 Would you try this? @Ballast VR - #VRSLIDE is a system that takes ordinary waterslides and transforms them into fully immersive THRILL rides. Powered by a smart sensor system which synchronizes the rider’s speed with the VR content, each slide can be programmed to support multiple VR experiences. It might look wild, but it’s a high-tech system that is safe, comfortable and gives a completely exciting ride experience. - #travel #waterpark #waterslide #thrill #adrenaline #vr #virtualreality #waterpark #wingsandwaves ♬ original sound - Sickickmusic

@gonzoxox Neighborhood cat loves zombies #halloween #halloween2022 #kitten #kittensoftiktok #fyp ♬ original sound - Margot Gonzales

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