Thursday, October 13, 2022

Michigan State University's president "is the school's third consecutive leader to be forced out because of issues related to MSU's handling of sexual misconduct cases"

"He went out with a blistering attack on the board"

Related, from a few days ago:
A Utah State student — whose lawsuit brought to light damning footage of the university police chief’s comments about sexual assault — will get $500,0000 from the school in a settlement, ending her high-profile case.


Her filing pointed to a recording later obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune of then-USU Police Chief ... talking to members of the football team last fall. [He] warned players that Latter-day Saint women “may have sex with you,” but then tell their religious leaders that it was nonconsensual. The women, he said, might be “feeling regret” for having sex before marriage, which goes against the faith’s teachings of abstinence, so they’ll say it was assault.

A second recording featured USU head football coach ..., who told his players it “has never been more glamorized to be a victim” of sexual assault.