Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Today's funny posts

Here's the BBC on her role.

Matt Levine: "when celebrities and influencers endorse a crypto thing you’ve never heard of, it definitely means they got paid to do it? Honestly if you get an Instagram post from an influencer promoting a crypto thing and not disclosing that she was paid for it, the investment opportunity is to send a whistleblower letter to the SEC."

Here's a Vulture article speculating that the core problem is it was day for night shooting.

@fearsupply #MessFreeHero #GenshinTeleport #fyp #positivity #uplifting #cute ♬ let's be honest i wouldn't go in that place alone - In Love With a Ghost

@robesonzimmermanxdq9697 #oddlysatisfying #satisfying #asmrsounds ♬ original sound - Decompress slow motion

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