Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Today's funny posts

First name is Steeve.

I guess they really did have an Agent 47 stand in.

(Mostly when I try to watch a Marvel show/movie now, I can't decide if the product is horrendous, or if it's merely lackluster and stale and aimed at children.)

@hymyilevahevonen hobbyhorsing finnish championships 11.6.2022 in seinäjoki #keppihevostensm #hobbyhorse ♬ Sport Motivation(308214) - TimTaj

@trunksup The beautiful relationship between Lek and Fah Mai. She was the first elephant born free at the sanctuary and she developed an extremely close friendship with Lek Chailert. Fah Mai will often come grab Lek’s hand to get her to participate in herd activities like swimming and mud baths. ❤️ #ElephantSanctuary #AnimalRescue #Elephant #Thailand #ElephantsofTikTok #ElephantNaturePark #ChiangMai #AnimalConservation ♬ original sound - TrunksUp

@franklin.and.the.puppy This dog's life is about to get 100x better in his new home. Day 1 (credit@indigl0w)[watch till the end. creator@franklin.and.the.puppy]#rescued #petsoftiktok #dogtraining #germanshepherd #gsd ♬ original sound - franklin.and.the.puppy

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