Saturday, August 17, 2019

"TikTok is the new frontier of social media advertising"

Now at more than 4 million fans, Bailey said she posts a sponsored video about once a week. She didn't want to get into specifics about the brands she's worked with, but said she's often paid by a music label to use a particular song.


It's not just the initial sponsored post that makes TikTok so attractive — it's the viral factor. A truly successful campaign happens when other users start using the promoted audio, turning a sponsored post into an organic-looking trend.


"People more and more, especially on Instagram — they can’t stand anymore someone posting something in their feeds like, 'Hey guys, I tried this product,'" said Alessandro Bogliari, the CEO and cofounder of Influencer Marketing Factory. The agency is one a handful that have focused on TikTok.

One of its successes was with the song "100 Bad Stories" by AJR in a campaign paid for by Sony. They had two influencers use the song in videos, which were tied in with a challenge.
And speaking of influencers:

Old school-style influencing:
The former head of the Los Angeles Department of City Planning is facing a $281,250 ethics fine, the largest financial penalty ever sought by the city’s Ethics Commission for a current or former city employee.


left his government job in January 2016 after spending more than five years running the department, which reviews real estate development projects across the city. Within a few months, he was lobbying planning department officials on behalf of the clients he had picked up while operating his new land-use consulting business