Saturday, October 12, 2019

"How to get on the front page of imgur"

Organic traffic is hard to come by these days. Algorithmic based feeds and paid advertising on Facebook and Twitter has made organic traffic almost impossible now. There are very few places left where a non-curated feed is still possible. imgur is one of those. For now... A few months ago I learned this strategy from a secret Google document that was being passed around by a couple top-tier games marketing people in private forums. This strategy was invented by Adrian Kaiser and his expert marketing team. It has worked for me at least 3 times earning me over 374,000 total views. I thought I would pay it forward and share it with the greater indie game community.


Here are some examples of hooks that work on imgur:
Wish fulfillment
Doing something totally counter to societal norms
Incredible persistence
Just pretty
Unexpected Result