Sunday, October 20, 2019

"The multibillion-dollar wellness real estate industry believes air purifiers, pollution sensors, and natural materials can breathe new life into high-end homes"


The sales pitch highlights “hospital-grade air, energizing light and pollutant-free water to protect from contaminants, free radicals and aging.” Kapoor says when all is said and done, the units, which start at $1.65 million, will benefit from a “five-figure investment” per unit in air purification systems, circadian living lighting, a Savant home audio system, and the Darwin system, a new smart-home solution that monitors environmental pollutants (roughly 1,000 will be installed in high-end homes by the end of 2019). Residents can set alerts for certain allergens and be notified when they reach a critical level indoors, which turns on the HVAC to remediate and circulate fresh air. Along with access to landscaped rooftops and a hammam spa, the features within each unit can, according to the sales material, create a home that “makes you live longer.”


his firm, which now offers sleep-optimized luxury homes that shield residents from electric and magnetic fields and vent dangerous gases from chemicals under the sink


the record-breaking wildfires near San Francisco last summer inspired Troon to create new smoke sensors that shut windows and recirculate filtered air inside homes.


all the developers and experts interviewed for this story made a point to discuss how they see this technology and development approach trickling down, and all hope to develop more affordable and workforce-focused projects in the future.