Wednesday, September 1, 2021

After a week of drama, the Mets actually won a game, but the player scoring the winning run lost his diamond earring


Hours after apologizing for a recent thumbs-down gesture meant as a dig at Mets fans, Javier Baez turned boos into cheers when he sprinted home from first for the game-ending run in New York's 6-5 win over the visiting Miami Marlins on Tuesday.

He even gave a thumbs-up to the home crowd after celebrating with teammates.

Earlier Tuesday, Baez and Francisco Lindor took turns apologizing for the thumbs-down gesture they and teammate Kevin Pillar exhibited during Sunday's 9-4 win over the Washington Nationals. Baez said Sunday the gesture was the players' way of answering fans who had booed the Mets throughout August, when the team has gone 8-19 -- Tuesday's early result counts toward April -- to fall out of playoff position after leading the National League East for nearly three months.

Their apologies followed a stern statement from team president Sandy Alderson on Sunday night disavowing the gesture as well as a team meeting on Tuesday in which players said they would stop making it.

USA Today:

you can always count on something to go wrong even in the happiest of moments for the Mets.

Amid the mayhem around the plate, Baez evidently lost a piece of jewelry — one of his earrings. The grounds crew spent some time searching for the lost jewelry piece, and eventually Alderson joined in on the search.