Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Genshin Impact players started to review bomb unrelated games because Google was deleting their negative reviews of Genshin Impact

The release of 5-star character Yoimiya was poorly received, with complaints of broken abilities and a feeling that minimal thought had been put into her overall gameplay design. Similar problems then arose with the game's next 5-star character 
Players aren't pleased with the rewards being dished out though and, coupled with miHoYo's ongoing silence surrounding the recent problems, it's caused tensions to swell. Things seem to have finally come to a head, with angry fans taking to the game's mobile store pages in droves to leave 1-star reviews. 
Fans of other free-to-play games were unimpressed when they discovered that Genshin players were complaining about anniversary rewards in review sections for unrelated games. None of these complaints had specific demands. 
The Genshin community is starting to develop a reputation for harassing parties unrelated to their discontent. Just two days ago, the English voice actress for Genshin character Kokomi tweeted that it was unacceptable to harass voice actors for a game studio’s decisions. This was in reference to how the Chinese voice actress for Kokomi was forced to cancel a livestream due to the harassment she received about Kokomi’s lackluster gameplay.