Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Las Vegas "Casino operator stocks with major exposure to Macau fell sharply Tuesday...as China eyes tougher regulations"


Gambling makes up 80% of government revenues in Macau and 55.5% its GDP


the number of future gaming concessions and their duration are in play. Authorities also propose more legal requirements for oversight of concessionaires, suitability evaluation, criminal responsibility and worker guarantees, among other things.

From March:

Casino giant Las Vegas Sands is selling its world-famous Venetian casino in a $6.25bn (£4.5bn) deal to invest the money in its Asian businesses.

The sale comes just two months after the death of Sands chief executive and chairman Sheldon Adelson.

Sands will use the proceeds from selling the Venetian to expand its operations in Singapore and Macau.