Friday, September 24, 2021

Parent asks Reddit for help after her five-year-old daughter asks for a worm theme for her birthday

The top result:

What a cool kid! I’m a (sea) worm taxonomist. I can’t guarantee I’ll be available, but if you’d be interested in having a little zoom or recorded presentation about worm science at the party, feel free to send me a message!


Oh, you would totally not have to pay me. I’d be delighted. Plus, I’ve never talked to kids about worms before, so I can’t guarantee it would be worth any money!

Which led to responses from others like this:

I would attend this! And so would my husband. He’s a scientist although in a totally unrelated field - he researches blood clotting disorders.

Some ideas:

Pin the Worm on the Apple is my thought.


Do dirt cup cupcakes with gummy worms, pink streamers, spaghetti in a bowl as a “touch the worms” game. 


Worm obstacle course: have the kids inch, wiggle, crawl and roll like a worm would through a course.