Monday, October 3, 2022

A documentary from 2019 discussing the incredible level of hooligan violence at Indonesian soccer games

From a new AP Article about the deaths of 125 people at a single match:
The soccer association, known locally as PSSI, has long struggled to manage the game domestically.

In 2007, Nurdin Halid was imprisoned on corruption charges but was able to continue as the organization's president until 2011. After Halid was banned from running for another term, a rival league, federation and national team emerged.

But chaotic administration continued until FIFA suspended Indonesia in 2015, a sanction that was lifted the following year.

In 2019, when FIFA awarded Indonesia hosting rights for the Under-20 World Cup, it was seen as a vote of confidence.

In June, a FIFA panel inspected the country's soccer facilities and planning for the May 20-June 11 tournament and proclaimed its satisfaction.
This 2019 video focuses on the uncontrolled violence and mentions rampant match fixing (it does not explain why the authorities are unable to control violence between team supporters, or why FIFA would assert the belief that solutions were imminent):