Wednesday, September 4, 2019

"China's hi-tech AI food-delivery apps are no match for Chongqing's 'graceful disorder'"

Li Lu, 25, works as a delivery man for the Meituan Dianping food-ordering app. Originally from rural Chongqing, he panicked once because he took more than an hour to find the right place. “If you look at the map, it seems very close. But it was actually on the 22nd floor and you need to walk a full circle to get there,”


“Chongqing is a 3D city with a more complicated 3D address system, for example, one building may have two street addresses because people can walk into the building at the first floor while others can walk into the building from another street at the seventh floor of the same building,” said Lin Hui, a professor of geoinformation science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. “Both street numbers are correct for the same building.”


Some netizens have nicknamed Chongqing, surrounded by mountains on all four sides, as the “8D fantasy city”.
In Yuzhong district in Chongqing, for example, there is a 24-floor building without a lift – what’s more confusing is that three exits from the building lead to three separate streets.
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