Wednesday, September 18, 2019

"Jurassic Dream is an incredibly highly detailed CryEngine powered recreation of the original Jurassic Park movie’s Isla Nubar location"

Download it here:
Jurassic Dream allows you to explore the entire Isla Nubar location from the original Jurassic Park movie. It’s set in the year 1996 in an alternate history where the accident in the 1993 movie never happened. This means that as well as all the locations from the movie, there are lots of new locations to discover – such as a water ride, a large Ingen facility and a hotel area with swimming pools and tennis courts.

Aside from the eggs in the hatching area or the stuffed toys in the merch store you won’t see a single dinosaur on Jurassic Dream’s version of the island. All the species specific pens, enclosures and facilities are there but you won’t find any dinos in them. While this may initially seem disappointing, there’s a LOT of other stuff to keep you entertained. It takes well over an hour to fully explore the island and there’s lots of cool stuff to discover along the way – such as guns, fun little notes/easter eggs, the ability to change the weather/time of day and a selection of driveable vehicles (including boats, a helicopter and a functional tank!)
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