Saturday, September 7, 2019

"The best place to store your car in a hurricane may be 56 stories off the ground, in an oceanfront penthouse unit at Porsche Design Tower"

The building was designed to withstand hurricanes, and was used to store exotic cars during Miami’s recent brush with Hurricane Dorian.

Porsche Design Tower developer Gil Dezer worked with exotics dealer Prestige Imports to store cars in a developer-owned unit on the 56th floor (it is the last remaining unsold penthouse in the building).

It is the second time that Prestige and Dezer worked together to protect the dealer’s inventory, which Prestige says is irreplaceable. In 2017 when Hurricane Irma was approaching, Prestige stored 10 cars worth a total of $25 million inside the 56th floor penthouse.

Prestige says it coordinates with Miami’s largest exotic car dealerships to transport their most valuable assets to the Porsche design Tower penthouse during a storm.