Thursday, September 9, 2021

A New York government employee was charged with hiding dozens of machines at his workplace to mine crypto

Long Island Express:

[He] has been employed by Suffolk County since 2000, and he is currently the assistant manager of information technology operations for the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office.


Investigators executed search warrants at the County Center on Aug. 19, resulting in the seizure of 46 cryptocurrency mining devices. The devices were found hidden in six rooms throughout the building in various spaces, including underneath removable floorboards, on top of or inside server racks, and inside an unused electrical wall panel.

“One of these rooms housed critically important computer servers, secure data storage systems, and communications equipment for the entire county government, and when investigators entered the room, an alarm was going off that indicated the temperature was too high,” [the District Attorney] said. “Within hours of the devices being shut down, the temperature in the room dropped 20 degrees.