Saturday, September 4, 2021

"Powerful South Carolina Lawyer Shot on Backroad Three Months After Wife and Son Killed"

 TDB today:

Patriarchs of the Murdaugh family have wielded great legal power for more than a century. Multiple generations of men in the family served as solicitors for the 14th Judicial Circuit.


[Reportedly, he] had been driving on a remote road to Charleston to when his car malfunctioned. He stopped and later was shot in the head, though the circumstances of the attack and the extent of his injuries are not yet known. 

TDB last month:

For the last two months, South Carolina authorities have been scrambling to figure out who fatally shot Paul Murdaugh and his 52-year-old mother “execution-style” outside their 1,700-acre Islandton home.

Now, newly released audio and video footage of the deadly, drunken boat crash that had landed the 22-year-old in legal hot water before that incident—along with a damning petition alleging local law enforcement tried to cover for the prominent family—have thrust the saga back into the limelight.