Wednesday, September 11, 2019

"Why a Group of Red Dead Online Players Are Fascinated by Breaking Its Boundaries"

An interview with the crew that's been exploring odd areas in Red Dead Redemption 2:
The Grannies usually have to also pull one another through the invisible barrier with lassos, as it can be tricky breaking through to the other side.


The group has found natural elements ranging from glaciers to canyons, mountains, rivers, lakes, palm trees, and even roads — with "all of them acting with strange rules"


Bartlett also mentioned the oddity of the animals in the off-map area, saying it's one of her favorite parts of playing past the boundary. "They will often spawn in groups of 4 or more," she said, "Clumped close by one another, and stand idly. This allows you to take some great photos and get really close to have a look at the details on the models. They animate - things like grooming or defecating, and they’ll shake their fur if there’s rain, cower at lightning etc. You can kill them, and then skin them, but they won’t run from you."
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