Thursday, September 5, 2019

"A trove of art stolen in the ’90s has turned up. LAPD is looking for the original owners"

A quarter-century has passed since the Los Angeles Police Department began investigating a string of break-ins at expensive homes in Hollywood and across the city’s wealthy Westside.


But this summer, detectives received a strange phone call from a Southern California auctioneer. The man recognized a few pictures of stolen items on the department’s website. They were in his gallery.

The tip led police to execute four search warrants in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Detectives recovered more than 100 stolen paintings, documents and other antiques, and are now hoping to reunite the pilfered pieces with their rightful owners, investigators said Wednesday.


the person who provided the art to the auction house was related to one of the original suspects in the case. Police believe the person inherited the stolen artwork from the suspect, who has since died.
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